If the insured vehicle has been damaged during an accident or other event (s), the Policyholder (beneficiary) must inform the road safety service or other security authorities.

Notification (statements) indicating the place of the incident, the causes of the circumstances of the road accident event near the located agency;

- insurance policy;          

- a copy of the driver's license and technical certificate;          

- the original of the power of attorney, or other document entitling the management of the company;          

- a copy of the travel document, power of attorney or other document for the right to own, use or dispose of the vehicle on behalf of the owner.          

- photographs of the damaged vehicle;          

- a certified copy or original of the opinion (opinion) of the competent person on the auto-technical appraisal examination of the RSAE named after Kh. Sulaimanova or the appraiser of the license for carrying out the repair, indicating the list of works, spare parts and materials required for the restoration of the vehicle;

List of documents for reviewing of insured events:

- notification of an accident;

- insurance contract (policy);

- a document that confirms the occurrence of an insured event (the conclusion of a medical certificate)

- a copy of the passport or a copy of the birth certificate;

- certificate of injury confirmation (X-ray photograph);

- Copies of passports of parents injured.

- a document confirming the death of the insured person.