The objects of insurance are private property, a residential building suitable for living, multi-storey single-family residential buildings with several apartments, covered by common land plots with amenities, everyday items, household appliances (TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc.) to meet household and cultural needs of the family, which belong to the insured person and his family members.



The insurer provides insurance protection to property and household items belonging to the insured person from damage occurring directly on the following risks: fire, explosion, hurricane, rain, storm, hail, landslide, flood, mudflow, lightning, earthquake, landslide, heavy snowfall, freezing, break-in.


Sum Insured (Liability)


By agreement of the parties


Insurance rate

From 0.2% to 1.0% of the sum insured depending on the degree of risk.



Insurance premium payment terms

• Lump sum


The insurance premium can be paid to the insurance agent or the representative of the insurer in cash, through a payment card or by transferring wages from the place of work.


This proposal is preliminary and the conditions set forth therein are negotiable.