The object of insurance in this case will be the property interest of individuals concerning with life and health of insured person living in hotels which are not inconsistent with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan



Death of policyholder or the damage to his health due to: injury, disclotion or bone fracture, complete rupture of ligament muscles, tendon, traumatic injury of internal organs, burns, injuries such as trauma to soft tissues with the formation of significant scars or extensive pigment spots, electric shock, compression, drowning, loss of teeth, rupture of the tympanic membrane, penetrating eye injury, bite of poisonous insects.

The cases specified in the point (A) are recognized as the insurance if they occurred with policyholder during the validity period of insurance contracts, while the policyholder is in the building of hotel and also confirmed by the certificate of medical and preventative institutions.

Insured events in respect of property are, Death in case of loss or damage to property as a result of, Natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, mudflows, lanslide, descent of snow avalanches, hurricanes burglary


The insurance amount (liability)

By the agreement of parties


Insurance tariff

Starting from 0.2% to 1% of the insured amount depending on the degree of risk


Terms of Payment of Insurance premiums:



The aformentioned proposal is considered as preliminary and the conditions set forth in it are subject to change.