The object of insurance in this case will be the property interests of individuals related to the life and health of the insured in whose favour the insurance is carried out.



​persistent health disorder, i.e. violation of the function of the injured body in the Insured as a result of a trauma (injury, injury, dislocation, or bone fracture, with the exception of pathological fracture, burn, frostbite, electric shock, compression), which occurred as a result of an accident, accidental acute poisoning by poisonous plants, chemicals, medicines, poor-quality food products, with the exception of food poisoning (salmonella, dysentery, etc.), tick-borne encephalitis, (tick-borne encephalomyelitis) or poly omielite if they occurred during the validity period of the insurance contract;

a disorder of health as a result of a fracture, dislocation of the bone, a complete rupture of the muscle, ligament, tendon, damage to the internal organs that did not cause damage to the function of the injured organ, burn, injure or frostbite of the facial soft tissues with the formation of cosmetically visible scars or pigment spots, tissues of the trunk and extremities with the formation of significant scars or extensive pigment spots, tooth loss, rupture of the tympanic membrane without hearing loss, penetrating injury of the eye without reducing visual acuity;

death of the insured individual from the causes indicated in subparagraph (a) and as a result of accidental ingress of foreign bodies into the respiratory tract, drowning, anaphylactic shock, heat stroke, hypothermia (with the exception of death from colds).


The insurance amount (liability)

By agreement of parties 


Insurance tariff

From 0.2% up to 1.0% of the insured amount depending on the degree of risk


Terms of Payment of Insurance premiums:




The current proposal is considered as preliminary and the conditions set forth in it are subject to change.