The object of insurance is the property interests of the insured that are not inconsistent with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, associated with the risk of partial or complete loss (destruction) of property (cargo, luggage and other property) being in transit during transportation (transportation) by various modes of transport(air, train, road vehicles, marine).



  • explosion or fire;

  • storm, hurricane, storm, earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning strike;

  • crash, landing of a ship, turning over a ship or other conveyance;

  • crash, overturning or derailing the railway conveyance; road and transport accident of motor transport;

  • crash or fall of an air conveyance;

  • collisions of ships, other conveyances among themselves or their contact with any stationary object;

  • penetration of sea, river or lake water into a ship or other conveyance


The insurance amount (liability)

By the agreement of parties


Insurance tariff

From 0.3% up to 1% of the insured amount depending on the degree of risk


Terms of Payment of Insurance premiums:




he current proposal is considered as preliminary and the conditions set forth in it are subject to change.