The object of insurance in this case will be the propert interests of insured or policyholder related to the life, health or ability to work of the insured person or policyholder.



Insurance risks include accidents caused by:

explosion, burn, frostbite, drowning, the action of electric current, lightning, attack by intruders or animals, sunstroke, radioactive irradiation, illegal actions of third parties, diseases tick-borne or after vaccination encephalitis, poliomyelitis, osteomyelitis, the fall of an object or the Insured himself (the Insured), sudden strangulation, accidental ingress of foreign bodies into the respiratory tract, supercooling of the body, accidental acute poisoning by poisonous plants, chemicals, drugs, poor-quality food products (except for toxicoinfection - salmonellosis, dysentery, etc.), the movement of means of transport or their wreck, the use of machinery, mechanisms, weapons and all kinds of instruments, incorrect medical manipulations.


The insurance amount (liability)

By the agreement of parties


Insurance tariff

From 0.2% up to 1% of the insured amount depending on the degree of risk.


Terms of Payment of Insurance premiums:




The current proposal is considered as preliminary and the conditions set forth in it are subject to change.