For many people, sustainablity in business cost many years of hard work, dedication, unrest, sleepness nights and even tears. In this period, it would be very insulting to loose all the acquired capital within a few moments after the man-made or natural disasters.

In all businesses, property assets are valued most; the worth of the capital is increasing significantly for many years. Most businesses, concerning with public catering, the capital is considered its building, interior and equipments.
Constant calm for the safety of this property grants the insurance policy.


Restaurants: from what and how can we protect you?

What can happen? 

What can be damaged? 

What kind of protection do we offer?
Fire, communications accident, explosion, natural disasters
Actions by intruders
Other external influences
Your equipment
Stylish interior of the hall, furniture, display glass
Wine room
Products, utensils, kitchen inventory
Construction of the leased premises

We will reimburse expenses for repair or replacement of equipment

We will pay for re-finishing, new furniture

We compensate for the loss of inventory

We will compensate for the damage to the construction of the premises, in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement

Equipment failure as a result of power surges in the power grid, short circuit

Your combi steamer, refrigerator, cabinet


Musical equipment of the restaurant

We will cover the costs of replacing unsuitable units of musical, thermal and refrigeration equipment

Damage to property and health of clients, citizens and organizations occupying neighboring premises

Your reputation

Your interests as a result of presenting material claims

We will take on claims of "victims"
















In all territorial subdivisions of the company, a system of property insurance for public catering enterprises has been created, which is a reliable protection of buildings and structures of your enterprise as a result of accidents.

In order to improve the quality of the services provided by the company, a hot line, a daily round-the-clock dispatching service (Call center) were launched.  

In addition, an Adjuster service has been created in all territorial subdivisions of the company, which enters at the scene of the accident and provides necessary assistance in the process of insured event.