The object of insurance in this case will be the property interests of individuals related to the ownership,use, displosal of property (road vehicles, self-propelled vehicles)



Hijacking of the insured vehicles without a purpose of theft, by unlawfully acquisition of vehicle

Theft- illegal, gratuitous seizure and / or circulation of someone else's property committed in the criminal law for the benefit of the guilty person or other persons, which caused damage to the owner or other owner of this property.

Fire - a fire in the form of an open flame, which is accompanied by burning and spreading out of the fire.

The effect of heat caused by a short circuit in electrical equipment or ignition within the vehicle's engine is not considered a fire if the flame produced by them is not further distributed.

Explosion - an explosion is a destructive manifestation of the pressure force, based on the expansion of gases and vapors (very rapid chemical reaction of an unstable system). In this case, fires are possible to occur. The issue of payment of insurance compensation is decided in the same way as during the death and / or damage to the insured vehicle as a result of a fire.

Impact of objects refers to the impact or fall of any objects on the vehicle, as a result of which the vehicle has been damaged or the windshield and / or door glass has been damaged.

A road accident (accident) refers to an event that occurred with an insured vehicle as a road user (collision, overturning, falling, collision, etc.) regardless of whether the insured vehicle was moving or not moving, which resulted in damage of vehicle.

Unlawfull actions of third parties - actions of third parties aimed at damage or destruction of the insured vehicle.

Natural disasters - catastrophic natural phenomena and processes (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, mudflows, etc.) that can cause human casualties and other material damage, as well as all the phenomena listed in the "List of Criteria for Hazardous and Natural phenomena adopted in the system of Hydrometeorological Service Center of Uzbekistan.

By agreement of the parties, insurance can be carried out at the same time or in any combination of insurance risks.


The insurance amount (liability)

By the agreement of parties


Insurance tariff

Starting from 0.3% to 1.5% of the insured amount depending on the degree of risk


Terms of Payment of Insurance premiums:




The aformentioned proposal is considered as preliminary and the conditions set forth in it are subject to change.