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NOTICE (Europrotocol)

KAFIL SUG'URTA Company announces another competition for students of Tashkent State University of Economics "GRANT KAFIL SUG'URTA"




1. The competition is open to 2nd-3rd year undergraduate students and 1st level undergraduates of the Tashkent State University of Economics.
2. The competition is organized and held in 2 stages.
3. The evaluation of the competition participants is carried out by the commission for holding the competition and determining the winners (hereinafter referred to as the commission), which is approved by the relevant order of the chairman of the board of the company and consists of 7 people.
4. The first stage of the competition involves all candidates from November 10 to December 10, 2023. They must provide the following documents electronically to the email address :
- copy of the passport;

- a certificate from the student or graduate student in the prescribed form (resume).

- a copy of the candidate’s assessment (test) notebook;

- documents confirming the candidate’s knowledge of a foreign language, scientific developments, lecture abstracts and published articles that participated in scientific conferences and seminars (if any).

- Essay on the topic "Insurance - in my imagination."
The text of the essay should be written in a volume of 3-4 pages, with an interval of 1.5, in 14 point size in Times New Roman font using the Microsoft Word computer editor. The title of the essay is written with initials; the full name and surname of the author, faculty, direction and course should be written after 2 spaces.
5. The candidates listed by the commission, their information and the essays they write are reviewed within 10 (ten) working days and the winners of the first stage are determined.
6. Written essays are scored on a 100-point system, and their evaluation takes into account specific points that are covered by each candidate about the nature and necessity of insurance, its place in the economy.
7. Participants who score 55 points or higher based on the commission’s essay results are transferred to the second stage.
8. If necessary, original documents are required.
9. The second stage of the competition will take place on December 25-26 in the scientific and practical laboratory of the company "Garant Insurance" (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory), created at the Tashkent State University of Economics.

At this stage, participants who have passed the first stage of the commission will be interviewed orally about their field of activity, interests and plans for the future. During the interview, along with the candidate’s knowledge, the qualities of intellectual abilities and moral character are assessed, and his desire to work in society after graduation is also taken into account.
10. When determining the winners of the competition, the following criteria are established:

having high rating indicators in the educational process (based on the results of the last semester);

availability of sufficient knowledge and practical skills in the field of insurance, reasonable proposals for existing types of insurance, as well as new innovative ideas for the insurance industry;

intellectual abilities and moral qualities, interest and free thinking;
preference is given to students who have mastered the state language, Russian or other foreign languages ​​(IELTS certification is 6.5 points or TOEFL certification, including 600 points for TOEFL Paper, 269 points for TOEFL Computer and 100 points for TOEFL IBT).
The winners of the competition must fulfill the obligation to work in society. Otherwise, the list of winners will be revised.
11. Based on the exam results, the winners of the competition are determined taking into account the achievements and performance of the participants.
12. The winners of the competition are determined and awarded in the following order:
At the end of the competition, the 2 (two) participants who achieved the highest result will sign a bilateral contract with each other, as well as

The cost of training for 1 year is paid in the amount of the contract.
A bilateral agreement will be signed with 2 (two) participants who, having received high marks in the competition, took 3rd and 4th places, and will be paid a “guarantor insurance scholarship” in the amount of 5 “excellent” scholarships provided at the university in during 1 academic year;
Having achieved positive results in the competition, 6 (six) participants who took 5th and 10th places will be awarded valuable gifts and a certificate and a one-time paid bonus, which will provide the opportunity to work in the company and its regional branches;
13. The final results of the competition will be announced to the winning participants before January 14 of the new academic year through the official website and social networks of the university and society and will be solemnly awarded at the university.